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PR88 Wash-off Hand Protection & Other Barrier Creams

Pr88 and pr-products can also be an excellent source of hand protection. While creams are not to be confused as a substitute for gloves, they can help protect the worker if chemicals penetrate gloves. As with gloves and soaps, special care must be taken when selecting protective creams.
The worker needs to understand how to use the proper cream for the job. If an employee is working with petroleum-based hazards, they should use creams that are water-based to naturally repel the petroleum solvent (Pr88 is recommended). For protection against water-based hazards, oil-based creams should be used. (pr99 is recommended)
To assure that the proper cream is used, the employer and employee must understand how protection creams work. If a barrier cream is said to repel acid, then the worker must be aware of the concentration of the acid that the cream will repel.
Protective creams need to be used at the appropriate time for full effectiveness. For example, if an employee works on a machine that uses cutting oil, the cream must be applied to the employee's skin before work begins. The cream may not offer any protection to the employee if it is applied after the cutting oil has already penetrated the skin. For protective creams to work, the skin must be clean when the cream is first applied.
When considering what type of hand protection cream to use, a good method to use is a three-point skin-care program:
1. Protect while working
2. Use proper cleaner, and
3. Apply skin cream after work

Remember, we only have one set of hands. Let's handle them with care on the job.

PR88 Protects you against:
Grease, oil, paint, varnish, printing ink, toners, soot, creosote, adhesives, petro-chemicals, hydraulic fluid, fibre glass, polyurethane, graphite, powders, dust, most solvents.
pr88 It's a water soluble skin protection cream, which is applied before work begins. Works like an invisible glove !
1) Apply
2) Work
3) Wash off
pr88 is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, 85% biodegradable, and can be safely applied over open wounds and over face, neck, and other body parts; dermatologically tested and found to be safe for over 25 years as a serious health and safety product.
Available Units:
pr88-100ml-3.5fl oz   pr88-1.6 Liter Cartridge -48fl oz
pr88-1Liter-33.8fl oz   pr88-10 Liter Pail (338 fl.oz.)
pr99 It's a water resistant skin barrier lotion applied before work begins or as a treatment for very dry skin at any time. pr99 provides a barrier against water and other aqueous substances, such as soaps, detergents, coolants, chemicals, acids, bacteria, herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, concrete, mortar, disinfectants, drilling and cutting emulsions, lye, tensides, wood preservatives, galvanic solutions, etc. PR99 sets in approx. 2 minutes after application and renders the skin essentially water repellent. pr99 exfoliates from the skin in approx. 3-4 hours.
pr99 is non-toxic, safe and hypoallergenic, and may be safely applied to any body part; it has been dermatologically tested and found to be safe as a serious health and safety product
Available Units:
pr99-125ml-3.5fl oz
pr99-1Liter-33.8fl oz
The first barrier cream to successfully make use of modern micro pigments (diam. 10-50 nm) of titanium oxide and zinc oxide. These micro-pigments offer extremely high factors in UV-filtration, reflection, and absorption (energy disbursement) over the entire spectrum of UVA, UVB, and UVC.
'pr-UV' offers a Light Protection Factor of DIN 20, which translates into a North American SPF 40. 'pr-UV' is water resistant and will not come off the skin while swimming or perspiring.
Available Units:
prUV-125ml-3.5fl oz
prUV-1Liter-33.8fl oz
PR2000 is a pleasant, smooth, and easily absorbed oil/water (O/W) lotion, which contains many active ingredients to benefit the skin regeneration process. (e.g. Vitamin F affects the lower skin tissue by being bacteriostatic and anti-infectious, it also supports the return of oils + fats; ALPHA- BISABOLOL an active ingredient of camomile is an anti-inflamatory and also protects against damage by UV-radiation, it has many uses against acne and sensitive skin; D-Panthenol is also known as pro-vitamin B5 and has a healing affect on wounds and supports tissue growth; Vitamin-E-Acetate increases blood circulation and supports physiological skin functions in a positive way).
PR2000 is applied after washing (or e.g. shaving) by massaging it into the skin. It is absorbed quickly, spreads easily and leaves a pleasant "feel" to the skin. PR2000 should be used regularly after a shower or wash or shave, as it helps to maintain and regenerate skin which is stressed on the job or by the environment, and it improves the skin's natural physiological protective function. PR2000 is skin type neutral, which makes it suitable for all skin types.
Available Units:
pr2000-125ml-3.5fl oz
pr2000-1Liter-33.8fl oz
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