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TRUMPF's mission is to further the development of production technology and make it more economical, precise, future-proof and networked.

Taking manufacturing technology to the next level means making it cost-efficient, accurate, future-proof and connected. TRUMPF is a market and technology leader in machine tools for industrial manufacturing. Some 12,000 people work at TRUMPF worldwide, helping to promote its positive attitude and achievements as a family-run company.

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Tap-Rite Tools

Tap-Rite tools are designed to produce high quality threads. With these tools, you can tap blind and through holes. They are engineered to absorb all torque reaction. They are simple to assemble, and will free up your CNC machine. Execute vertical (rigid) tapping or both vertical & horizontal tapping (universal) tapping. Tap-Rite toold reduce and even eliminate stripped or cross threads. Tap Collets sold separately.


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Unique - Versatile - LUKAS-ERZETT

The motto "Always the right tool" is a promise that the international owner-managed company LUKAS has been adhering to every single day for many decades.

We want you to achieve the best possible results using LUKAS tools. Therefore we are committed to delivering a tailored tool solution based on our experience and knowledge.

We are committed to providing the best possible service and to working with you to enable you to make effective use Lukas solutions.

The call for complex and integrated technical processes is continuously increasing.

Modern grinding technology is no longer limited to the use of conventional grinding wheels with common bond types. Today, elastic abrasives have also become indispensable as production tolerances become tighter, process times briefer and the demand for technically and optically perfect surfaces greater.

ELKA is continually developing new processes in the laboratory that can be brought to the serial production lines of our customers. This results in product solutions tailored to the individual grinding and polishing applications of our customers. We provide solutions for metal finishing with ELKA-Elastic, glass Ffnishing with ELKA-Vitro and everyday problems with ELKA-Sparkle.


ELKA Vitro

Elka Vitro glass polishing wheels have matured into leading edge products.

The E300 series scored particularly well in Italy, the home of glass polishing.

Comprehensive tests resulted in the best practice wheel combinations shown in the table (coming soon).

These recommendations were tested largely at machine dealers and thus represent a sound basis.

We make a distinction in practice between single- and double-sided polishing machines.

Single sided:

In single-sided polishing, the glass, which is usually in a vertical position, is held between 2 rubber chains and transported across the polishing wheels. These wheels come into contact on one side with the glass pane. The process is carried out with water cooling.

Depending on the machine, there are 1 to 4 polishing stations which are equipped with different tools (see Table (Table coming soon)).


Double-sided grinding machines are mostly arranged in one angle combination and are used for larger volumes, e.g. in the furniture industry, in façade construction and for solar technology, etc.

The grinding pressure can be minimised using this machine type in contrast to single-sided machines. However, even in single-sided machines, the pressure required by ELKA polishing wheels can also be reduced compared to competing tools on the market. In general, 80% of ELKA Vitro applications require around 50-60% of the pressure of that used by competitive tools.




Skin protection while you are working  As easy as:   1) Apply before working   2) Work   3) Wash-Off  /

   Pan Tec was founded in 1985, with the intention to focus in industrial products dedicated to the specialized field of workers safety.

Pr88 and pr-products can also be an excellent source of hand protection. While creams are not to be confused as a substitute for gloves, they can help protect the worker if chemicals penetrate gloves. As with gloves and soaps, special care must be taken when selecting protective creams.




Wespro has been bringing world class power tools and accessories to the Industrial/Assembly industry for over 40 years. The Wespro product offering has continued to evolve in both quality and capability, now boasting some of the finest industrial and assembly tools on the market.

Please browse the Wespro products we offer complete with the following information.

  • Tool Specifications & Features
    Most tools will include a description of the tools, possible applications for the tool as well as the main specifications for that tool.
  • Parts Breakdowns
    Almost all of our tools will have a parts breakdown available for you to download in PDF format.

Wespro puts forth continuous effort to be a world leader in the power tool industry.


PFERD INC. is the U.S. subsidiary of August Rüggeberg & Co. Founded in 1799, PFERD began by making files for blacksmiths (“PFERD” is German for “Horse”) in Marienheide, Germany. Progressively PFERD has developed expertise in manufacturing a wide variety of quality abrasives and cutting tools. With ISO 9001 certification and two centuries of experience, PFERD has become a global presence in the marketplace. Their goal is to offer "single-source" solutions for hand finishing, grinding, cutting, and specialty applications.


The story of FEIN is the story of the invention
of power tools.

In 1867, Wilhelm Emil Fein founded a company to manufacture physical and electrical equipment where his son Emil Fein invented the first electric hand drill almost 30 years later in 1895. This invention paved the way for highly reliable power tools, which FEIN still manufactures at its site in Germany and for which the long-standing German company is known in industry and manual trades throughout the world to this day.

FEIN has been a world-leading power tool manufacturer for over 150 years and without a doubt one of the main reasons for this is that FEIN continues to meet its own standard of only developing durable power tools with every new product innovation it creates today.

Quality and performance from a good background.

Since 1914, Suhner has been designing, engineering and manufacturing machines and tools for surface finishing. Through comprehensive research and development, uncompromising standards of quality and an intensive exchange of experience with a discerning clientele using their products, individual solutions have been found to the everyday practical problems in industry and trade. With its state of the art factories in several countries and its world-wide sales network, Suhner is among the leading companies in the field of surface finishing.


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