ELKA Elastic

ELKA Sparkle

  • IELKA Sparkledeal for grinding, descaling limescale and rust, and deburring
  • Practical – even for places that are difficult to reach (simply cut to shape with a knife)
  • May be used wet or dry – water intensifies the effect
  • Achieves an even surface finish effortlessly
  • Water-resistant and oil-resistant
  • Environmentally friendly – as no cleaning agents or additives are needed
  • Cost-efficient – as it is long-lasting

Application Examples


Removing Limescale:
Sinks, bathtubs and bidets made of ceramic

Removing Dirt and Stains:
Irons, cooking pots and pans, grill racks, ovens, hobs, tile joints, marble, metal window sills

Textile Care:
Removing stains on suede and brushing up pile carpet

Shoe Care:
Removing stains on suede shoes and shoe sole

Professional, Hobby and DIY Applications

Rust Removal:
Cars, motorcycles, bicycles, tools, shears, electrical contacts, soldering joints

Dry or Wet Grinding:
Metal, wood, veneer, paint, varnish, plastic, rubber, primer, art and handicrafts

Removing Paint/Varnish:
Paint splashes on wood and glass, chipped varnish on windows and doors

Tools, signs and surfaces made of stainless steel, copper, brass and tin

Cut surfaces on wood, plastic, metal and ski edges

ELKA Sparkle

Instructions for Use

The abrasive cleaner lies comfortably in your hand and does not require a special holder. Elka Sparkle consists of a special plastic which is evenly interspersed with an abrasive. You can work on all objects and materials with optimum pressure to achieve a perfectly consistent finished surface.

For areas that are difficult to reach, e.g. corners, curves or profiles, you can simply cut Elka Sparkle to the desired shape with a knife or cut it into several pieces. This in no way impairs its outstanding quality.

Extreme stains and scaling as well as limescale and rust deposits may be more easily removed by now and then immersing Elka Sparkle into cold water while working. Elka Sparkle is water-resistant and oil-resistant, does not lose its shape, does not swell and dries again quickly.

Should your Elka Sparkle become dirty, simply rinse it briefly under clear water.

Please note: Elka Sparkle should not be used on smooth, sensitive surfaces. This abrasive cleaner is also neither suitable for gold, silver or chromium, nor for gold-plated, silver-plated, chromium plated and highly glossy surfaces.

Always test Elka Sparkle on an inconspicuous area first, as it works highly effectively.

For machine applications, we produce elastic grinding wheels made of various materials and in different sizes. We would be happy to provide you with more information upon request.