Your Custom Flexible Grinding Solution



Porous elastic tools for non-specific solutions

Polishing, deburring, descaling, rounding and structuring with porous foamed abrasives are all established operations for processing parts and surfaces.

In all areas of production, elastic abrasives are used worldwide for rendering processes more efficient and comfortable, or even for making these processes possible in the first place.

Application Areas: Surgical instruments, cemented carbides, drive elements, spindles, shafts, jewellery, sheet metal


Compact elastic tools for precise machine processes

Surface processing with compact foamed tools is carried out in all technical areas in which conventional grinding tools reach their limits. Irrespective of whether a lubricoolant is used or not, the tool can be individually adapted to the process in an optimum way.

The defined degree of elasticity guarantees a harmonious process with minimized heat input. The geometry is generated according to customer specifications.

Application Areas: Tools, extruders, machine elements, rollers, blades


Tools made of synthesized plastics with a compact structure

These tools are used in precision processes. They often represent the finishing operation in a production process, during which the final technical specifications are ensured.

Here, surface values of Rz<0.5μm are achieved while still observing tight tol- erances and attaining an increase in technically relevant parameters such as the contact ratio.

The efficient, fast and uncomplicated product for your technical application.

Application Areas: Automotive, storage and transmission technology, aviation, electrical engineering 

Precision Cut

Additional cutting ability

Both the permanent further development of our bonding systems and the new development of bonding systems with various grain bonding strategies lead to diverse application possibilities, tailored to requirements from all areas of tech- nology.

In this way, we can achieve optimum surfaces, even with hardened materials. Rz<0.5μm.

Application Areas: Tools, automotive, transmission technology