ELKA Elastic

Your problems. Your custom solutions.

ELKA Elastic is totally customizable to ensure that whatever the surface that needs finishing, we can deliver a flawless result.

Modern grinding technology is no longer limited to the use of conventional grinding wheels with common bond types. Nowadays, elastic abrasives have also become indispensable.

Elka Elastic stands for decades of experience in the development and production of elastically bonded grinding wheels for various metal finishing applications.

Elastic grinding, polishing and matt finishing – Elka Elastic gives your products the final finish: quickly, reliably and cost-efficiently.

The following are a few examples of some of the solutions we provide:


Ball Screws


Descaling and polishing ball screws

After ball screws have been hardened, the scale generated on them during the hardening process needs to be removed
and the surface polished to ensure a durable and precise part. Following hardening, the surface is very rough.

Solutions to date

Vibratory grinding
Slow process with nick marks on the surface

Nylon brushes are used to remove the scale. The scale is knocked off by means of abrasives embedded in the nylon. Nylon residues remain on the surface and are almost impossible to remove.

The ELKA solution

An elastic grinding wheelforms a profile on the ballscrew. This generates the perfect negative profile for achieving an ideaI grinding contour. ln this way, the abrasive grit embedded evenly in the grinding wheel removes the scale and potishes the surface. The roughness is improved and the true contact area increased. This renders it unnecessary for the spindle to be additionally run in. The part is made ready for use in a precise, fast and efficient way.

Sharpening Diamond Tools


Diamond tools such as saws and drills become dull during use. Diamond tools have to be sharpened, i.e. the diamond grit embedded in the metal bond needs to be exposed again, as blunting and dirt cause it to no longer protrude from the bond, The metal bond and the dirt need to be removed.

Sotution to date

Diamond tools must be separatety clamped and sharpened using specialtools (such as grinding wheels on sharpening machines). This is time- and cost-intensive.

The ELKA solution

The ELKA sharpening plate - the diamond tool is sharpened by lowering/dipping it into the ELKA sharpening ptate using standard parameters in the tool's existing clamping. The metaI bond and the dirt are removed in the ELKA sharpening plate and the diamond tool is sharp and ready to cut immediately, without any additional investment of time. The ELKA sharpening plate is always at hand - whether on the shop floor or at the buitding site.

Superfinish with Grinding Wheels


Designers are developing and designing increasingly precise, tighter and faster parts/assemblies, such as Surfaces Rz < 0.5 µm in series processes on series machines.

Lower tolerances, difficult-to-machine materials and surfaces, finer surfaces, lower ruffness levels.

The ELKA solution

ELKA Etastic Precision/ELKA Elastic Precision Cut

  • Polishes almost all materials
  • Polishing/finishing by means of machining and material displacement
  • Rz<0,5 µm

Examples: Shock absorber, hardness HRC70, Stock removal 0.02mm, Roughness Rz=0.4µm



Deburring turned parts in series production
Turned parts are produced in very large volumes. High chip removaI rates can be achieved very quickty. Comptex geometries can be produced at the same time, such as cross holes, grooves or controI edges.

Why does the burr need to be removed?
Burr in a part may break in later use. The broken fragment can lead to the failure of entire assemblies and systems (leaks, jamming, etc.).

Solutions to date

ConventionaI solutions are mostly brush applications which aim at breaking off the burr through the impact of filaments. However, this often leads to the burr merely being bent or not removed completely (burr root). Deburring tools frequently generate secondary burr.

The ELKA solution

ELKA binds abrasive grit into an elastic bond within the grinding tool. The elastic bond can reversibly encircle the edge. This removes the burr and burr root completely and yields a defined contour by means ofedge rounding. By adapting the abrasive grit and the elastic bond (hardness), the deburring process is completely controlled and yields a defined rounded contour of 0.002 mm to 2 mm.

Example: Hydraulic Components

3D Polishing / Manual grinding processes


Surfaces with complex contours present particular chatlenges and demand individual processing. Contours cannot be processed precisely or only with considerabte effort and costs. Thermal loads on the parts must be minimized and the use of targeted cooling solutions is difficult. Rough pre-processing mark (machine groves) must be removed.

Solution to date

Conventional grinding machines cannot provide an appropriate solution. Manual processing is required or speciaI machines and industrial robots are used.

The ELKA Solution

Elastic grinding wheels offer a tolerance range which saves time and money. The grinding wheel deforms elastically and thus levels out deviations. Elastic grinding wheels can be structurally adapted by ELKA to offset heat development. ELKA Elastic can level rough pre-processing marks out, as exposed structures are only ground to the smooth surface (finished contour). Various geometries are possible. Cutting speed up to 5m/s.