3D Polishing / Manual grinding processes


Surfaces with complex contours present particular chatlenges and demand individual processing. Contours cannot be processed precisely or only with considerabte effort and costs. Thermal loads on the parts must be minimized and the use of targeted cooling solutions is difficult. Rough pre-processing mark (machine groves) must be removed.

Solution to date

Conventional grinding machines cannot provide an appropriate solution. Manual processing is required or speciaI machines and industrial robots are used.

The ELKA Solution

Elastic grinding wheels offer a tolerance range which saves time and money. The grinding wheel deforms elastically and thus levels out deviations. Elastic grinding wheels can be structurally adapted by ELKA to offset heat development. ELKA Elastic can level rough pre-processing marks out, as exposed structures are only ground to the smooth surface (finished contour). Various geometries are possible. Cutting speed up to 5m/s.