Ball Screws


Descaling and polishing ball screws

After ball screws have been hardened, the scale generated on them during the hardening process needs to be removed
and the surface polished to ensure a durable and precise part. Following hardening, the surface is very rough.

Solutions to date

Vibratory grinding
Slow process with nick marks on the surface

Nylon brushes are used to remove the scale. The scale is knocked off by means of abrasives embedded in the nylon. Nylon residues remain on the surface and are almost impossible to remove.

The ELKA solution

An elastic grinding wheelforms a profile on the ballscrew. This generates the perfect negative profile for achieving an ideaI grinding contour. ln this way, the abrasive grit embedded evenly in the grinding wheel removes the scale and potishes the surface. The roughness is improved and the true contact area increased. This renders it unnecessary for the spindle to be additionally run in. The part is made ready for use in a precise, fast and efficient way.