Sharpening Diamond Tools


Diamond tools such as saws and drills become dull during use. Diamond tools have to be sharpened, i.e. the diamond grit embedded in the metal bond needs to be exposed again, as blunting and dirt cause it to no longer protrude from the bond, The metal bond and the dirt need to be removed.

Sotution to date

Diamond tools must be separatety clamped and sharpened using specialtools (such as grinding wheels on sharpening machines). This is time- and cost-intensive.

The ELKA solution

The ELKA sharpening plate - the diamond tool is sharpened by lowering/dipping it into the ELKA sharpening ptate using standard parameters in the tool's existing clamping. The metaI bond and the dirt are removed in the ELKA sharpening plate and the diamond tool is sharp and ready to cut immediately, without any additional investment of time. The ELKA sharpening plate is always at hand - whether on the shop floor or at the buitding site.