Module with infinitely variable chamfer angles and depth for edge processing.

  • Less effort, even with large workpieces, as a result of the guide slide mounted on roller bearings.
  • Infinitely variable chamfer angle (0-60 °) and depth (0-3/4 in [0-20] in[mm]) for the most common requirements.
  • Extremely efficient while beveling longer and straighter sheets.
  • Precise edges and homogeneous surfaces in a single work step with very high removal.
  • System interface—Tool-free conversion to relevant grinding systems.
  • Clean work areas thanks to removable dust bins and exhaust interface.
  • The module can be used with GHB 15-50 and GHB 15-50 Inox, depending on the available sanding tasks.

Technical data

Dimensions lxbxw 380 x 430 x 215
Belt dimension 50 x 39-1/4 in
Weight 30 lbs

Data Sheet