GX 75 2H

GX 75 2H

Belt grinder (base unit), 75 mm, switchable
High performance belt grinder, modular expansion capability, for trade use and small production runs, ideal for stainless steel machining

  • Expandable by means of add-on modules
    speeds of 1500/3000 rpm are ideal for processing metal and stainless steel
  • Height-adjustable flat grinding table for longitudinal planar grinding
  • Detachable swarf collector
  • Connection option for external collector
  • Working height independently adjustable
    patented belt tensioning system
  • Robust three-phase motor
  • Low vibration level

Technical data

Description Two speed, 3 in grinding width
Power consumption 1.5 / 2 kW
No load speed 1,725 / 3,450 rpm
Belt dimension 3 x 79 in
Weight 165 lbs

Data Sheet