KBH 25-2 U

KBH 25-2 U

KBH 25-2 U 2-speed metal drilling system up to 25 mm Hand-held 2-speed metal core drilling system for universal core and twist bit drilling.


  • Work up to 6 times faster due to innovative drilling technology: Pilot hole drilled to a depth of 3/16 in [5 mm] at 1,600 rpm, followed by disengagement of the pilot bit and automatic speed change to 520 rpm for optimal cutting speed for carbide core bits. The carbide core bit finishes drilling the desired hole diameter with minimum effort and specially developed core bit cutting geometry.
  • Usable on all common metals and surfaces by adjusting the speed to the particular job.
  • Very safe operation due to the torque slip clutch. Protects the user when overloaded by separation of the driver and driven sides.
  • Mechanical 2-speed gearbox with speeds from 0-1,600 rpm for efficient twist drilling and forward / reverse rotation for thread tapping up to 1/2 in [M12].
  • ** Torque slip clutch.
  • Reversible.
  • FEIN high-performance motor with excellent speed stability.
  • Electronic start.
  • Speed selection
  • Speed-controlled tacho electronics.
  • Variable electronic speed control.
  • Torsion-free, barrel-type motor housing.
  • Carbide core bits with optimized service life.
  • Self-start lock.
  • Wide range of accessories.
Power consumption 1,200 Watts
Power output 680 Watts
1st gear 0-520 rpm
2nd gear 0-1,600 rpm
Full load torque 442 in/lbs
No load torque 442** in/lbs
Hole-dia. steel core bits 1 in
Capacity in stainless steel Ø 1 in
Hole-dia. aluminum core bits 1-3/16 in
Mag base, max. drilling depth 1 in
Hole-dia, steel hole saws 3-1/8 in
Hole saws max. drilling depth 3/16 in
Tapping 1/2 in
Minimum clearance 1-1/16 in
Annular cutter holder QuickIN Plus
Cable with plug 13 ft
Weight according to EPTA 7.5 lbs

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