Durable Power Tools

A durable system.

In many areas of industry and manual trades where tools are expected to deliver maximum performance permanently, FEIN high frequency tools prove to be superior. Compared with pneumatic tools and also power tools with a universal motor, their design brings them a number of benefits which deliver huge potential for cutting costs and therefore makes them the most sensible choice in many areas of metalwork. Both the construction and quality of the products have been designed to very high standards. The FEIN quality you would expect of a product made in Germany and more than 50 years of experience in developing and producing high-frequency power tools guarantees absolute reliability and a superior service life for industrial continuous use under the toughest conditions.

Durable Power


By increasing the frequency, you can achieve a higher motor speed. The motor’s output power increases in direct proportion to frequency.


No ingress of aggressive, abrasive swarf thanks to the encapsulated, dust-proof motor with surface cooling.


No rotating windings or powertransmitting elements such as carbon brushes or collectors, resulting in minimal wear.


Designed for extreme conditions of use, with high mechanical stability for unique load capacity for continuous industrial use.


Significantly longer tool service life and maximum grinding power from great speed stability even under load.