Lukas-Erzett Abrasives

V2 power ALU

iQ Series- V2 Power- ALU

V2 Power – for general purpose!

Feel the efficiency compared to conventional lamellar flap discs. Improved grinding performance through a special configuration of flap.

More than 70 % of the total abrasive material is located on the outer perimeter of the disc

Ideal for: removing weld seams, deburring, fettling, fine finishin, rust removal

Characteristics: exceptional stock-removal capability, outstanding tool life, robust fibre backing plate, a patented new design and configuration of flaps (more grains in action).

ALU- SIC – coated abrasive

  • specially suited for weld preparation and finishing of aluminium
  • also ideal for fibre reinforced materials such as CRP and GRP
  • to work grey cast iron

Packing Unit:

  • 10 pcs. per type
  • vmax.: 80 m/s
  • SIC = Silicon carbide


  • Silicon carbide (SiC) ideally suited for preparation and finishing of weld seams with various aluminium alloys
  • Silicon carbide (Sic) ideally suited for the machining of contemporary workpiece materials such as CRP or GRP 
Description Grits D mm  H mm nMax (1/min) Product Number
V2 POWER 115 SIC 36 115 22,23 13.300 A27441150361434
V2 POWER 115 SIC 40 115 22,23 13.300 A27441150401434
V2 POWER 125 SIC 36 125 22,23 12.200 A27441250361434
V2 POWER 125 SIC 40 125 22,23 12.200 A27441250401434
V2 POWER 178 SIC 24 178 22,23 8.500 A27441780241434
V2 POWER 178 SIC 36 178 22,23 8.500 A27441780361434