POLIVLIES® Hand Pads - POLIVLIES™ Hand Pad Holder

POLIVLIES® Hand Pads - POLIVLIES™ Hand Pad Holder

Non-woven abrasives are used when other tools reach their finishing limits or cannot achieve the required result. The low aggressive characteristics of the polyamide fibres and the positive effect of the abrasive non-woven materials create brilliant smooth finished surfaces.

Designed for light manual grinding, deburring and cleaning work on metals, plastics, fibreglass, fibre-reinforced plastics, stainless steel, aluminum, paint, coatings and fillers.Due to their flexibility, POLIVLIES™ hand pads provide outstanding results on contours and in hard-to-reach workpiece areas.


EDP Dimensions
44620 3-1/2 x 6