Backing pads CC-GRIND®

Backing pads CC-GRIND®

With this backing pad, CC-GRIND discs can be mounted on standard angle grinders. The geometry of the cooling slits ensures high air flow. This significantly reduces the thermal load on the workpiece and the abrasive discs.

The patented quick-change system reduces tool change-up times to a minimum. The special backing pad design significantly increases grinding performance.

Color-coded backing Pad: Blue for stainless steel, grey for steel.

EDP Diameter (Inches) Bore (H) [Inches] Workpiece Material Max. RPM
69479 4-1/2 M14 Thread Stainless Steel (INOX) 13,300
69476 4-1/2 5/8-11 Thread Steel 13,300
69477 4-1/2 M14 Thread Steel 13,300
69478 4-1/2 5/8-11 Thread Stainless Steel (INOX) 13,300