CC-GRIND® for stainless steel (INOX)

CC-GRIND® for stainless steel (INOX)

PFERD presents a newly developed, patented quick-mounting and cooling system for use with grinding discs in surface and contour grinding. This quick-mounting system and the high-performance abrasive guarantee ultimate stock removal rates.

The CC-GRIND® grinding disc combines unique backing pads and secure mounting on the rear side of the grinding wheel. With the dedicated backing pad, all CC-GRIND® grinding discs can be used on most angle grinders.

The quick-mounting system, secure attachment mechanism and the optimized cooling system lead to a considerable increase in aggressiveness and service life of the grinding discs.

Compared to regular grinding wheels, noise and vibration are reduced by 50%, dust by 80%. The abrasive wheel’s temperature is reduced by 30%. Flexible grinding CC-GRIND® grinding discs offer soft and flexible grinding performance.

EDP Diameter (Inches) Bore (H) [Inches] Compatible Backing Pad Max. RPM
61941 4-1/2 CC EDP 69478 13,300
61951 5 CC EDP 69478 12,200