Performance Line SG-STUD for steel

Performance Line SG-STUD for steel

Large-diameter cut-off wheels for use on electric chopsaws.

Designed for use on portable electric chopsaws, the STUD CUTTER is optimized for lateral strength and low vibration. Ideal for cutting single or bundled studs, and sheet.

Abrasive: Aluminum Oxide

Workpiece Materials: Steel

Application: Cuts metal studs, thin rebar, sheet stock and light gauge metal

Recommendation for Use: Provides excellent cutting results on machines with up to 5 horsepower output.

EDP Diameter (Inches) Thickness (Inches) Thickness (mm) Arbor Hole Grit Max. RPM
64504 12 1/8 3.0 1 36 5,100
64505 14 1/8 3.0 1 36 4,400
64506 16 1/8 3.8 1 36 3,800