Universal Line PSF-CHOP for steel

Universal Line PSF-CHOP for steel

The general purpose PS-FORTE CHOPSAW cut-off wheel is fully reinforced for safety and durability, and engineered to provide a long service life and free cutting action. Ideal on jobsites for cutting a wide variety of materials and workpiece profiles.

Abrasive: Aluminum Oxide A

Workpiece Materials: Steel

Application: Cutting of sections and solid material, rebar, tubing, and other small cross sections

Recommendation for Use: Provides excellent cutting results on Chopsaw machines with up to 5 horsepower.

EDP Diameter (Inches) Thickness (Inches) Thickness (mm) Arbor Hole Grit Max. RPM
64491 12 3/32 2.8 1 36 5,100
64492 14 3/32 2.8 1 36 4,400
64493 16 1/8 3.8 1 36 3,800