Skin protection while you are working  As easy as:   1) Apply before working   2) Work   3) Wash-Off  /

   Pan Tec was founded in 1985, with the intention to focus in industrial products dedicated to the specialized field of workers safety.

Pr88 and pr-products can also be an excellent source of hand protection. While creams are not to be confused as a substitute for gloves, they can help protect the worker if chemicals penetrate gloves. As with gloves and soaps, special care must be taken when selecting protective creams.




PR-88 Barrier Cream

PR88 Skin Protection Creme

PR88 Industrial Skin Care pr88 It's a water soluble skin protection cream, which is applied before work begins. pr88 provides a non-greasy, non-sticky barrier against alcohol and carbon based substances like gasoline, diesel, oils, hydraulic fluids, creosote, fats, paint + thinners, tar, dyes resins, non-polar organic solvents, fiberglass, superglues, ink, graphite., epoxies, etc. Absorption of solvents and toxins by the...

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pr88 liquid line

pr88 Liquid Skin Protection Fluid

pr88 Liquid Skin Protection Fluid Ideal for mobile use! pr88 Liquid Skin Protection Fluid is the skin protection product for oily, greasy and highly adhesive dirt. Rub in before starting work and the fluid provides a reliable protective film that effectively prevents the penetration of dirt particles into the skin. pr88 liquid makes skin cleansing after work easier. Dirt is simply washed...

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Multi Protect

rath's multi protect

Multi Protect Skin Protection Lotion rath's multi protect Prior to commencing work, carefully rub a pea-sized quantity (approx. 1 ml) into your hands – in particular the fingernails/nail beds – and let them dry. The dry, flexible and stable protective film forms an effective contact barrier between the skin and the influencing materials. After work, wash your hands with as...

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Rath's Aqua Protect

rath's aqua protect

Aqua Protect Skin Protection Lotion rath's aqua protect It's a water resistant skin barrier lotion applied before work begins or as a treatment for very dry skin at any time. pr99 provides a barrier against water and other aqueous substances, such as soaps, detergents, coolants, chemicals, acids, bacteria, herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, concrete, mortar, disinfectants, drilling and cutting emulsions, lye, tensides,...

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Rath's Sweat Protect - ach 125ml

rath's sweat protect

Sweat Protect Barrier Cream rath's sweat protect is the innovative answer to the skin problems of those who: Wear occlusive protective gloves (latex, nitril, etc) Wear protective work footwear (shoes, boots) Work in a damp or wet working area. Perspiration, created by wearing airtight (occlusive) gloves, for example, made of latex, nitril, rubber etc, can lead to a build-up of...

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care medium skin care lotion

rath's care medium

Care Medium Skin Care Lotion rath's care medium is a pleasant, smooth, and easily absorbed oil/water (O/W) lotion, which contains many active ingredients to benefit the skin regeneration process. (e.g. Vitamin F affects the lower skin tissue by being bacteriostatic and anti-infectious, it also supports the return of oils + fats; ALPHA- BISABOLOL an active ingredient of camomile is an...

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PR88 Dispensers

Dispensers for Skin Protection Cream


PR 88 Wall Dispenser made of Stainless Steel

for 1.6 litre dispenser cartridges


Wall Dispenser made of Plastic

for 1 litre and 2 litre soft bottles