prDry Series

prDry Hands Protective Gel

prDry Hands is the innovative answer to the skin problems of those who:

  • Wear occlusive protective gloves (latex, nitril, etc)
  • Wear protective work footwear (shoes, boots)
  • Work in a damp or wet working area.

Perspiration, created by wearing airtight (occlusive) gloves, for example, made of latex, nitril, rubber etc, can lead to a build-up of moisture and wetness inside the gloves. As a result, the skin softens, swells and loses both its mechanical strength and its natural role as a barrier. This makes entry for harmful substances easy, and causes skin diseases.

When using prDry Hands depending on strain, apply 1-2 times daily on dry, clean skin and rub it very well in. The efficency of prDry Hands increases when it is used after 3 or 4 days.

prDry Hands is an aqueous solution of a combination of two active ingredients with skin firming and sweat reducing effect. The two ingredients complement one another in their effect.

prDry Hands has no fragrances and no preservatives.

MSDS prDry Data Sheet English (85.5 KB)

MSDS prDry Data Sheet French (78.6 KB)

Skin Protection

Skin Protection

Skin Softening

Skin Softening