Deburrers & Milling Machines

Save time – in one operation

In machine, railroad car, and ship construction, TRUMPF deburrers are just as established as in steel construction, in job shops for sheet metal processing or in metalworking shops. They produce straight as well as radial edges.

  • In one operation: Using the deburrer, you can obtain an accurate edge of consistently good quality.
  • Perfect conditions: The fast and emission-free process results in oxide-free chamfers.
  • Ready for use fast: The chamfer height can be set quickly and without tools.
  • For the most diverse workpiece contours: You can process flat sheets, interior cutouts, curves and tubes using the deburrers.


TKA 500

TKA 500

TKA 500 With the TruTool TKA 500, you can give components clean visible edges, break sharp edges, or apply a radius. All of this in a variety of angles and in just one operation. With the optional support plate, working in space restricted conditions is not a problem. You can quickly adjust the chamfer height and create chamfer lengths of...

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