Panel Cutter

Perfect cuts straight away

The TruTool TPC 165 panel cutter from TRUMPF is the ideal solution for the separation of sandwich panels.

It is perfectly suited for roofers, façade, hall and container constructors, as well as for cooling, heating, and sound insulation specialists.

  • Quick work speed
    The panel cutter cuts sandwich panels up to 6.5 in. thick in a single operation.
  • Dimensionally accurate, perpendicular separating cuts
    You can quickly and easily create perpendicular cuts with the blade which can be set to 90°.
  • Unique insertion mechanism
    You can start at any point on the panel without a start hole.
  • Comfortable operation
    Fatigue is minimized and the machine is simple to operate.

TruTool TSC 165 Panel Cutter

TruTool TPC 165

TruTool TPC 165 With the panel cutter, you can produce precise and perpendicular interior cutouts and notches right away. For panel thicknesses up to 6.5 inches. Perpendicular cuts By securing the blade, it is possible to set a cutting depth that corresponds to the cutting task. There are 13 positions to choose from, ranging from 0° to 90°. This results...

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