Slat Cleaner

The specialist for clean slats

The laser slat cleaner cleans the slats of your flatbed laser machine fast and several times over. This means you can use the slats for considerably longer. The machine can be simply and easily operated by one person.

  • Diverse area of application
    Well-suited for a variety of materials, even for stubborn stainless steel slag.
  • Multiple cleaning
    Multiple cleaning means an increased service life before having to replace the slats.
  • Highest quality
    Slats which are cleaned regularly increase process reliability and the quality of the produced parts.
  • Automatic adjustment
    The laser slat cleaner automatically adapts to different slag thicknesses of up to 1 in.

TruTool TSC 100 Slat Cleaner

TruTool TSC 100

TruTool TSC 100 The slat cleaner thoroughly removes the slag on the slats of the laser cutting machine. This means that you can clean the slats multiple times before they need to be replaced. Cost reduction up to 75% The TruTool TSC 100 is a worthwhile purchase. It achieves savings of around 40% compared to manual cleaning, which involves a lot of...

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