No-Freeze Air Motor Oil 1/2 Litre
WESPRO No-Freeze Low Temperature Air Motor Oil is intended for use in extreme cold weather conditions and is formulated with today's air tools in mind. It is lightweight and contains special detergents which clean the interior of the air tool, while at the same time providing excellent lubricity. Emulsifying agents in the oil absorb moisture in the tool and carry it through to the exhaust.


  • The most efficient way to deliver the oil to the tool is through the use of a Filter Regulator lubricator (F.R.L.) unit, or in-line oilers. These units deliver a regulated flow of oil with the compressed air while the tool is in operation.
Size in. 1/2 Litre
Flash Point °F (°C) 340 (171)
Pour Point °F (°C) -25 (-32)

Parts Breakdown