Pullsetter Direct Drive 400 RPM #10-3/8 Capacity
The Acu-Pull pullsetter tool provides a quick and easy way to install a threaded rivet nut in applications where a strong thread is required. Will work with most threaded rivet nut manufacturers.


  • "Quick-Change" nose-piece assembly allows you to change the nose-piece size in less than 30 seconds.
  • Air motor stalls out upon reaching torque
  • BEST PRACTICE TIP: It is best to do some test pulls on scrap material in order to arrive at the optimal air pressure (torque) setting which gives the desired result. Start with a low air pressure (torque) setting and increase gradually, especially when pulling aluminum inserts. When the air pressure (torque) is set too high you risk stripping the thread on the insert.
  • Torque adjusted by air pressure
  • Nose-piece assembly sold separately
Capacity in. (mm) #10 - 3/8 (M5 - M10)
Style Pistol
Free Speed rpm 400
Length in. (mm) 8.1/8 (206)
Air Cons. cfm (cmm) 5 (0.14)
Noise Level dB(A) 60
Weight lbs (kgs) 2.75 (1.25)
Air Inlet (NPT) 1/4

Parts Breakdown